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Why Residents in the Denver Area are Converting over to Artificial Turf

We have found that more and more people in the Denver area are wanting to convert over to artificial grass so they can have a green lawn all year round and not have to deal with the maintenance of natural grass.  They choose us (Perfect Turf)  to create a beautiful Colorado design using ProGreen synthetic turf that they will be proud of.  The great part of when we install artificial grass is that it looks and feels natural,  it is easy to maintain and you save money because no watering is needed.  And, it will stay green for years with no fading, shredding or fraying.

Children won’t be able to tell the difference from artificial grass vs. natural grass and your pets will enjoy it too.  As always, when they have to do their business it’s easy to cleanup by scooping it up and hosing the turf down every now and then. 

No Sacrifices with ProGreen Artificial Turf

There is nothing to give up with artificial grass and everything to gain.  With your new lawn we can create areas in your yard that will be perfect for entertaining, for children to play on, pets to run on and even a putting green without having to deal with keeping your natural grass green.

Lets Get Started

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