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All Artificial Grass is not the same for every purpose

We have found that as people start looking for artificial turf, that many do not realize that they are not all the same.  For instance, if you wanted to have an artificial grass putting green installed, you would not use the same turf for a playground or lawn for your children or pets to play on.

Here are the different types of Progreen Artificial Turf that we offer:

All of these are specific to these types of landscapes using artificial turf with us.

Preparation and high standard of installation

Our team of installers take deep pride in every project that we do for our customers. That is why Home Depot has designated us along with Progreen Artificial Grass for the entire state of Colorado.  That’s because of the high quality of our artificial grass and it is made in the USA.

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Why switch from Natural Grass to Artificial Grass

A Perfect Artificial Grass Lawn

If you have a natural grass lawn, it means that you have to mow it at least twice a month, deal with weeds and brown spots, add weed killers which can be a concern for your children and dogs, prepare for winter; aeration, blowing out your sprinklers, and then spring comes and you’re starting all over again. 

When you switch to artificial grass, all of these items and more will go away.  No more having to deal with constant maintenance, just wash it down as needed and maintain your trees and shrubs. 

Artificial Grass means Water Conservation

Water has been a concern in Colorado for a long time, especially with the population growth that our state has been having over the past few years.  Natural grass needs constant watering, even then it browns quickly and having to water more is inevitable.  When you choose to switch to Artificial Grass it means no watering, thus reducing your water bill and you’re conserving water.

Artificial Grass Benefits

  1. It stays green all year round
  2. Great for children play areas
  3. Perfect for your dog, and easy for you to cleanup
  4. Add a Putting Green and practice whenever you want
  5. No maintenance or watering to prevent your grass from turning brown
  6. And so much more!

Ready to enjoy having Artificial Grass for your Home or Office?  Let Us Help Make that Happen

As a top-seller of Synthetic Turf in Colorado and a certified artificial grass installer for Home Depot, you can count on us to install your new lawn, play area for your kids, putting green, dog area into something you will be proud of.

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Artificial Turf for Your Dog Daycare Business

Over the past few years many homeowners are choosing Artificial turf, but what many don’t realize is that a lot of dog care businesses have as well.  The reason why is because they are a perfect match.  On this website we have covered many of the benefits of artificial grass for dogs on our blog.  What we haven’t discussed is how having artificial turf installed in your doggy daycare facility can actually increase your business.

Progreen Artificial turf easier to maintain and is a benefit for your doggy care facility

It will definitely reduce your maintenance costs and your dogs will love it.  It’s one thing for us to say it, but here is a great article that we found written by an owner of a South Florida facility who shows how artificial grass actually grew their business by 250%. Click Here to read the article.

It always looks good… Green and Beautiful

The great thing about artificial turf is that it is immune to the different seasons and is not affected by rainfall, snow, and it stays green all year long. People that pass by your doggy day care facility will be able to see an eye-catching play area for your dogs that draws attention for all the right reasons for someone to use your facility.

No mud, which means clean dogs. If your doggy day care center uses natural grass, more than likely you will have an issue with your dog’s getting dirty when it rains and it gets muddy.   Or if you don’t have natural grass but only have cement for the dogs to play on, it’s not the most comfortable for their paws when running around playing with other dogs.

Artificial turf versus natural grass

Artificial turf is clean, and as far as cleaning all you have to do is rinse it down and you’re done.  Not only when it rains or snows, but it also can help protect against fleas and ticks. With natural grass that is where they thrive, and when you use pro greens artificial turf which was featured Zak George in a previous blog post we wrote showing the benefits of our turf.

We use Zeofill to help control pet odor, it is perfect for the dogs that come to your dog care facility.  And as mentioned on the Zak George video, we use Progreen’s patent-pending ProFlow technology, which is a non-perforated backing that increases drainage capacity by over 100%. While perforated synthetic turf contains infill, sand and other particles that can clog the holes over time, ProFlow is a fully permeable backing that will remain consistent throughout the life of the turf.   


ProGreen has been producing and installing synthetic grass from start to finish in their own facilities in the USA for 30 years. We chose to be a dealer for them because of their high quality, durability and reliability for our customers.

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Zak George Dog Training and Artificial Grass

Perfect Turf is very excited to announce a ProGreen sponsored video from YouTube dog training sensation Zak George. This video was published on Saturday, August 4th and features our new K9 Champion turf. 

Progreen Artificial Grass for Dogs

In this video Zak goes through the advantages of ProGreen artificial grass and how well it holds up as a dog’s play area.  He also shows his amazing dog training methods that has been successful for many pet owners.  He goes through how tough ProGreen’s turf is, as well as how soft comfortable it is for the dog in the video to play on.  Zak does a great demonstration of the ProGreen Proflow Technology that does 100% drainage.  Check out the video:

Who is Zak George 

For those of you that are not familiar with Zak George, he is a celebrity dog trainer and YouTube star that has trained thousands of dogs throughout his dog training career. He is well known for his YouTube channel “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution” that is free for anyone to subscribe to.  It is the number one destination for people that are searching for dog training information throughout the world, and has more than ten million views annually.  Zak’s first book “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution” was published by Penguin Random House in 2016.

Zak George’s goal is to raise the standards in the dog-training industry as he utilizes the latest in scientific understanding of dog behavior while integrating the latest twenty-first century ethics. He is a strong proponent of positive reinforcement dog training for your dog, and he wants to spread the word that people shouldn’t treat their dogs like members of a pack.  Even though dogs are descended from wolves, they are domesticated animals are a far cry from their ancestry. Also, he takes a positive approach that allows dog owners to tailor their training to their dog’s personality type and energy level, which helps to get quicker results and a much happier dog! 




Progreen’s Proflow Turf for 100% Drainage

If you are considering replacing your natural grass with artificial turf, there are two main things to look for; the quality of the artificial grass, and how well it drains. 

Progreen’s Proflow Synthetic Turf Technology has No Perforated Holes

Progreen’s Proflow Synthetic Turf TechnologyProGreen ProFlow is a patent-pending, non-perforated technology that does not have holes in the backing of their artificial grass for drainage. Even though there are no perforated holes, it is completely permeable and will increase the drainage capacity by 100%.

By combining Progreen’s ProFlow Technology along with their moisture-resistant fibers, you can be assured that their artificial grass to be cleaner, drier and is great at preventing unpleasant pet odors. It eliminates all the problems associated with perforated backings including particles clogging the holes and interfering with the drainage efficiency,  and it does not have weeds growing through the perforated drainage holes because there are none.

How does Progreen Proflow Technology drain without holes

The Proflow backing is comprised of two heavy gauge woven layers, one five pick layer and a final coating of a high-viscosity polyurethane compound. Before they apply the compound the turf, they inject it with air that creates passages that allow for free flow drainage.  ProFlow provides a percolation rate that stays consistent throughout the life of your turf system.  Here is a ProGreen video showing how their ProFlow Technology works.

To see the different types of Artificial Turf products we offer, please Click Here


ProGreen has been producing and installing synthetic grass from start to finish in their own facilities in the USA for 30 years. We chose to be a dealer for them because of it’s high quality, durability and reliability for our customers to use year round.

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Artificial Grass for Dogs

If you are frustrated that your dog keep’s destroying your yard, then artificial grass for dogs will give you back your lawn and your sanity. It does not matter how many dogs you have or their size, ProGreen’s Pet Turf is the perfect artificial grass that can withstand the wear and tear of their constant running, jumping and trying to dig all over your yard.  Plus, after a good snow or rain storm it will eliminate any issues with mud and puddles.

Artificial Grass for Dogs - Charlie's New LawnWhat to look for when choosing the right Artificial Grass for your Dog(s)

The most important feature to look for is how well it will drain in your yard.  That is where Progreen’s Artificial Turf will more than exceed your needs and expectations.  All of their Artificial Grass for Dogs products have our patent-pending ProFlow technology, which is a non-perforated backing that is designed to increase drainage capacity by over 100%.  While most perforated synthetic turf that is used by other companies contain infill, sand and other particles that can easily clog the holes over time, Progreen’s ProFlow has a fully permeable backing that will remain reliable throughout the life of the artificial turf.

Keeping your pet’s area clean and odor-free

Whenever we do an install it includes an under-drain system that works with ProGreen’s grass’ ProFlow backing. This high drainage capacity system will not only drain quickly, it also rids you of any potential mud problems, which will put a smile on your face because there will longer be the days of muddy dogs and paws all over the inside your house!

So if you are looking for the right Artificial Grass for Dogs for your backyard, dog run, kennel, daycare facilities, dog agility courses, and more.  Progreen’s Artificial K9 Pet Turf will be the right solution for you.

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