How to maintain your Artificial Grass in Colorado

artificial grass maintenanceWhether it is a residential lawn, child playground area, dog run, putting green or a commercial lawn our customers truly enjoy their low maintenance Progreen artificial grass. The great thing about artificial grass is that it keeps that beautiful green look and feel all year round. And, it will save you time and money with a reduced water bill and not having to pay for someone to take care of your lawn or you having to do it yourself.

Necessary Artificial Grass Tools for Maintenance

Let’s start with the tools you will not need; a lawnmower, edger or the need to hire the local kid to come mow your lawn every week.  All you will need is a water hose, rake, leaf blower and maybe some type of brush.  Most of these items can be found at most hardware stores, just make sure that when purchasing a brush that does not have metallic bristles which can be damaging to artificial turf.

What you will need to do with them

Now that you have all the tools, taking care of your artificial grass is simple. Even though your turf does not require watering, it’s still important to rinse it down every now and then to spray away any debris, spills or when your dog or other pet urinates and/or does its business on the lawn. Also, instead of using water, if there are leaves, or dirt that blew onto your artificial turf simply use your leaf blower to blow it away.

When to use your rake

Since artificial turf is made to look like natural grass, it’s a good idea to make sure that the artificial grass blades are standing up. Every now and then take your rake or a long-haired brush and lightly brush it so that it keeps that beautiful look that it has.

Depending on how often your artificial grass is being used will determine how often you should take care of it. Even though we offer several different types of artificial grass, this applies to all of them including; putting greens, playground turf, athletic fields or for your pets. We definitely do recommend that with pets that you rinse down once a week to keep the lawn looking and smelling great.

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