We Offer The Right Artificial Grass for Dogs

The artificial turf we offer, is used specifically for dog runs, kennels, daycare facilities, dog agility courses, and more.

If you are tired of constantly having to repair your grass because of your dog urinating, digging and tearing up your lawn, then artificial grass may be the solution for you.  No matter how many dogs you own, the artificial grass we use for pets can withstand the wear and tear of their paws and claws.

We also use an all-natural infill that is brushed into the fibers of the synthetic grass for comfort for your pet to walk on.

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Safe for pets, durable for play time and no more muddy paws on rainy days

To keep your pet’s area clean and odor-free, we install a under-drain system that works in conjunction with our artificial grass rapid-flow backing for fast-draining rinse-away cleanup.   This will also help eliminate any issues you have with mud and puddles…  so say goodbye to the days of muddy dogs and paws inside your house!

We also offer the industry’s #1 choice in pet odor control for Artificial Grass for dogs called ZeoFill.  For details, Click Here


All of our artificial turf products are made in America from start to finish. They have complete control over the manufacturing process so they pay extra attention to the quality and durability of their artificial grass for your pet(s).

Lets Get Started

If you are wanting to switch your natural grass lawn to our low maintenance artificial turf please give us a call at (303) 829-8018, or fill-out the form to “Get a Free Quote” and we will get back with you right away

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