When it comes to artificial playground turf, your child’s safety comes first

We understand the importance of safety for your children, that is why we take great care whenever we install artificial grass play areas for a family. Especially since falls are the number one cause of injuries for kids, which is why it’s vital that your playground surfacing material should help reduce the likelihood of injuries.

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All of our Synthetic Turf systems for playgrounds meet or exceed the ASTM fall height requirements

If you wish, we would be more than happy to produce all of the related test data for your own peace of mind.

Besides meeting the necessary fall height safety features, our artificial playground turf is soft, and we use non-abrasive material that will help reduce scrapes and skinned knees.

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What is included whenever we install artificial grass play areas?

Whenever we do an artificial turf installation in Denver, Douglas County in Colorado, we make sure that the playgrounds have a compacted base, then along with artificial grass infill is also added.   Even though synthetic turf installations for playgrounds require one extra component that is not necessary for our other turf products – a foam pad placed beneath the turf to provide added safety. These foam pads are available in one to two inches thick; the size needed is entirely dependent on the height of your play structures.

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All of our artificial turf products are made in America from start to finish. They have complete control over the manufacturing process so they pay extra attention to the quality and durability of their artificial grass for playgrounds.

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