Whenever we are doing an installation of Artificial Grass, we do the following:

  • Install Artificial Turf YourselfRemove the existing sod surface
  • Add a base is created using a special blend of crushed rock (2″ – 4″ depth), then smoothed and compacted.
  • The artificial grass is then rolled onto the surface of the base and seamed together if necessary (turf widths are 15′.)
  • Then the infill material is spread over the top of the grass using a fertilizer spreader and brushed to the bottom of the artificial grass.
  • The grass product and intended use determine the type and amount of infill. The infill can be sand, rubber crumb, or our eco-friendly Organafill™,or zeofill which is great for pets (or a combination of the above).
  • Installation for synthetic putting greens is similar but there are additional layers of base materials that need to be thoroughly compacted.

Also, we are an Authorized Home Depot Service Provider because of the high quality of work that we do for them and for our customers.