Parents realize that when their children go to a playground that they will more than likely have to deal with scratched elbows, bruises, as well as grass stained knees. And, it’s not uncommon for the children to track dirt throughout the house to make mess of the carpet, rugs, and furniture.

Artificial Turf for your Playground AreaArtificial Turf is safer because it has padding underneath it

If you are thinking of adding a playground to your backyard or recreational area but are worried about creating a safe environment for children, then we can help.  Artificial turf is a great solution because it is durable, can handle a lot of foot traffic, dirt is not an issue and it has padding underneath it.  Because of this it reduces the injuries that children could potentially have when they take a fall.

Artificial Turf for Playgrounds

Whenever we install artificial playground turf on a backyard or recreation area, we add the required extra component that is not used on other turf products.  We choose not to use crumb rubber as an infill, rather a foam pad that is placed beneath the turf to provide added safety. These foam pads are available based on your needs in one to two inches thick; depending on the height of your play structures.  All of these options meet different ASTM fall-height standards

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Our artificial grass is low maintenance and will retain its beautiful green color all-year-round. It truly is the perfect material for use in home playgrounds, recreational areas and child care facilities. 

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