Trampolines and Artificial Grass Play AreasArtificial grass truly is the perfect solution for any area where grass doesn’t grow, including the space under your trampoline.  No matter how large or small the area is, you can count on the grass staying green and beautiful. Also, artificial grass is ideal to surround sunken or in-ground trampolines, which is a trend we have been seeing a lot of recently.

Trampolines are known for causing large areas of grass to not grow underneath them. After a while the grass under the trampoline starts to die and becomes an eye sore. The reason for this is because of the black material trampolines use prevent sunlight from going through to the grass below, so it doesn’t grow. 

What to do.  There are many choices that we have seen done such as putting the trampoline on a mulch or pine bed or even using gravel, but that doesn’t look much better than dead grass.  What seems to work best is installing artificial grass. 

Artificial Turf Playgrounds are strong and durable

The question is do you just want to have it under the trampoline to keep that green look all year round or extend it and make a safe playground area.

For details on a Artificial Turf playground area, see this recent blog post that we wrote on this very subject, Click Here

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