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Artificial Turf Lawns can be used all Year Round

Even with the fall and winter upon us here in Colorado, having artificial grass on your lawn is still perfect for outdoor entertaining. Versus with natural grass, or as we like to say here in the Douglas County area during the winter is nonfunctional grass. Mostly because it goes in a hibernation, which means that you really can’t use it during those colder seasons.

ProGreen Synthetic turf is a great option

It’s definitely better than concrete or pebbles for outdoor space, unfortunately they are hard services, not great for kids when they fall and end up getting all scraped up. Plus, they absorb heat making the area hot during the summer months.  When you choose artificial grass you do not have to worry about any of this, because it stays the same all year round… fun to play on and it stays green all year round!

Artificial grass is comfortable to walk on

No matter what time of the year that you are using your artificial grass lawn.  Even barefoot, they won’t be able to tell the difference between artificial grass and natural grass.  In the winter you will still be able to go outside and use your yard with artificial grass.  Plus. It is durable and can easily handle high traffic when your children are outside playing on the lawn.  No bare spots, holes or dead spots when your dog urinates.

Save money when using ProGreen Proflow Turf

No longer will you have to water, mow, edge your lawn and you don’t have to worry about proper drainage.  ProGreen ProFlow is a patent-pending, non-perforated technology that does not have holes in the backing of their artificial grass for drainage. Even though there are no perforated holes, it is completely permeable and will increase the drainage capacity by 100%.  For more details Click Here.


ProGreen has been producing and installing synthetic grass from start to finish in their own facilities in the USA for 30 years. We chose to be a dealer for them because of it’s high quality, durability and reliability for our customers to use year round.

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