This is the time of year that everyone is looking forward to.  It usually means planning to make your lawn and home garden spectacular!

Spring Planting and Artificial TurfHome Garden Preparation

As we are approaching the end of winter, even though it is a couple of months away from planting, maybe It’s time to start thinking about what you would like to do to your back and front yard.  We recommend that you look for bright colorful spring flowers that do well in Colorado.  There are a variety of beautiful flowers to choose from, such as found in this article in Better Home and Gardens, as well as a a great video on The Best Perennials to plant in Colorado.

Installing Artificial Grass

Getting ready for spring, also means preparing all the different things you have to do your lawn. From turning on your sprinklers, aeration, adding fertilizers and weed killers and so on. If you choose to switch to artificial grass you no longer have to do this, and your lawn will look great all year long.

Perfect turf specializes in artificial grass and turf will keep that gorgeous green during the spring, summer, fall and yes even in the winter. It requires very low maintenance and is great to entertain your family, friends and even your dogs. We offer a variety of artificial turf choices for you to look at, Click Here for details.

What else

As you are working on your yard, you might also want to consider a gazebo and don’t forget to add a birdfeeder(s) since there is such a great variety here in Colorado.

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We look forward to hearing from you.