The great part of having artificial turf installed on your lawn, is that you no longer have to deal with many of the items and chores that you would normally have to do to maintain your yard.   What that means to you, is that you will save both time and money.  They are:

1. Lawnmower Maintenance and Supplies

Once you have artificial turf you will no longer have to sharpen the blades on your lawn mower, change the oil, purchase gas for it to run and most importantly you don’t have to mow the lawn.

2. Dealing with Sprinklers and Watering your lawn

In Colorado, preparing for the spring, summer and fall means turning on your irrigation system which is always top of the list of must dos. Checking your sprinklers to make sure they’re all working properly, making sure that they turn on only on your watering days and then of course getting ready for the increased water bill. It also means that still need to use the hose in certain areas to make sure that your lawn stays green.

3. Edger Wire Replacement & Gas

If you are like most, after you mow the lawn you have to break out the edger to edge around the lawn, trees, etc.  Before doing that, you need to make sure that the wire does not have to be replaced, fill up the gas tank or rollout the long extension cord (cumbersome) to do the work.

No edging needed with Artificial Grass so you can spend more time on the things that are important to you.

4. Fertilize and Seed Your Grass

Okay, this too is part of lawn maintenance.  As your grass comes out of dormancy it is important that you purchase and put down a good fertilizer and seed in those areas that need it.  Now do that two to three times during the season and then when it is about to be winter, you should lay down a winterization fertilizer. 

5. Weed Control Products

We get a lot of questions about weed control.  Mostly because people are concerned about the chemicals that are in weed control products. If you have children, or dogs it’s kind of scary that these products suggest that you stay away from them for X amount of hours before going on the lawn.  Plus, having to put down the weed killer or you pick them by hand. Very time-consuming.

Once we’ve installed artificial grass on your lawn, you no longer have to deal with these toxic products.


We have been installing synthetic grass from start to finish for several years in the State of Colorado. We choose all our synthetic turf because of it’s high quality, durability and reliability for our customers to use year round.

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