A Perfect Artificial Grass Lawn

If you have a natural grass lawn, it means that you have to mow it at least twice a month, deal with weeds and brown spots, add weed killers which can be a concern for your children and dogs, prepare for winter; aeration, blowing out your sprinklers, and then spring comes and you’re starting all over again. 

When you switch to artificial grass, all of these items and more will go away.  No more having to deal with constant maintenance, just wash it down as needed and maintain your trees and shrubs. 

Artificial Grass means Water Conservation

Water has been a concern in Colorado for a long time, especially with the population growth that our state has been having over the past few years.  Natural grass needs constant watering, even then it browns quickly and having to water more is inevitable.  When you choose to switch to Artificial Grass it means no watering, thus reducing your water bill and you’re conserving water.

Artificial Grass Benefits

  1. It stays green all year round
  2. Great for children play areas
  3. Perfect for your dog, and easy for you to cleanup
  4. Add a Putting Green and practice whenever you want
  5. No maintenance or watering to prevent your grass from turning brown
  6. And so much more!

Ready to enjoy having Artificial Grass for your Home or Office?  Let Us Help Make that Happen

As a top-seller of Synthetic Turf in Colorado and a certified artificial grass installer for Home Depot, you can count on us to install your new lawn, play area for your kids, putting green, dog area into something you will be proud of.

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