We have seen a lot of people switching their lawns over to artificial grass.  The reason for the change is the desire to have artificial turf is because of the many benefits it brings to those that have it installed.  In Colorado, they have realized that there are several advantages of having artificial over natural grass and reach out to us to discuss what it will take to do it.

Having a Tranquil Lawn All Year Long

Living in a state that truly has four seasons (Colorado) having to deal with lawn care can be very tedious.  From mowing, edging, to prepping it for the winter season can be a lot of work.  When you choose to have artificial grass installed, you no longer have to worry about many of the constant lawn care maintenance you are used to.

Artificial Grass is Low Maintenance 

With natural grass you really have to pay attention to the weather for potential damage from unexpected snow or heavy rain, having to constantly water so it stays nice and green. If you have children, you want to make sure they have a nice lawn to play on, and to be safe from harsh chemicals.  And, if you have a dog having to deal with your dogs urine grass stains, digging and then let’s not forget after it rains, they bring in mud and track it all over the house. 

With the Artificial turf we install, you will have the luxury of having more time on your hands and spending less money on lawn maintenance.

A Chemical Free Environment

If your home has natural grass, either you or your gardener will in most cases use insect or weed-killing chemicals to your lawn.  Usually it is sprayed on the lawn carefully so as to harm anyone that comes in contact with it.  Most of these chemicals have a warning for people and their dogs to avoid being on it until after it dries or in some cases longer.  When you switch to artificial grass you no longer have to worry about it because you will no longer need to add it to your lawn.

Artificial Grass and Water Drainage

The great thing about artificial grass is that you do not have to worry about the wind, or an upcoming snow or rain storm. You also don’t have to worry about drainage, because we always make sure to install your perforated turf so it drains properly for your lawn.

Lets Get Started

If you’d like to find out more, or what it will cost to convert your lawn to artificial grass please call us at (720) 660 – 3281 or you can fill out the form by Clicking Here and we will get right back with you.